Wednesday, March 18, 2009

She's Crafty - Goin Zonkers with ChimeraCrochet

Chimera Crochet? Say what? That's ki-meer-uh! A chimera is one of those animals made up of different animals, you know? And it begins with C, and crochet starts with C... so there ya go. (Plus, I'd like to think my original crochet designs are "fanciful fabrications".)

Chimera Crochet is way more than crochet though! There is also Chimera Creation on both etsy and 1000markets. There you will find art (especially ACEO's) some vintage goodies, some knitwear and even heads on a stick!

So head on over to ChimeraCrochet's blog to participate in her most awesome giveaway- it's for one item of the winner's choice in either of her two etsy stores! Sweet.

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