Thursday, March 19, 2009

Refibered Shows Us Crafty Mojo

refibered uses recycled, reclaimed, rescued and some new
fabrics to create fun items for you, your family and your

Kelly Orr is the creative genius behind refibered. She
lives in Lincoln with her fabulous husband and adorable
toddler. She also has two older daughters and a grandson!
She’s been sewing, designing and creating for a couple of
years now, and can't be stopped. will begin carrying aprons for kids and
adults, starting March 21.

Where do you get the great fabrics?!
Here, there and everywhere, really! I use a variety of
types of fabrics, from a variety of sources. Thrift shops
and garage sales are great for those interesting tshirts,
and sometimes I score some yardage, too. As a member of
sewing forums on the web, I can often buy pieces of
wonderful European fabrics that you don’t often see in
the States. Some fabrics are purchased at national chain
stores, but those are used sparingly and generally
purchased as remnants.

Where do you get your inspiration?!
Same place I get the fabrics! Usually the fabric will tell
me what it wants to be. Some days I just feel like using a
particular color/style of fabric, or maybe a particular
pattern. I have subscriptions to quilting magazines and
Euro pattern mags, as well as being fond of web surfing.

Where do you get the time?!
Well, that’s the tricky part. I am lucky enough to have
some time each day for crafting and sewing, but it’s
limited. That’s why refibered creations are so
unique…no mass producing here. Every quality item is
handmade, one at a time.

Can you make another one just like it?!Because of the way I buy fabric, it’s difficult, if not
impossible, for me to re-create something with the same
fabrics. That’s one of the things that’s so great about
refibered. The pattern might be the same for a few items,
but the fabrics will always be different!

If you simply must have matching items (twins/triplets),
well, that can be arranged. Please feel free to ask!
Promise I won’t bite.

Can you be sure there’s not another just like it in the
whole world?!

Actually, no. But I can be pretty sure it’s a unique,
handmade item. Some items are my own patterns, but some use
commercially available patterns. Occasionally, I will have
enough of a fabric to make more than one item, but I never
use the exact same fabrics on the exact same item (well,
except for custom requests). So you may see “that”
fabric used in two different items, but you won’t see
“that” fabric used the same way twice on similar items.

Do you take requests?!
Happily! If you see a style you like, but need it in a
different size or color, just ask! If you have something in
mind but don’t know how to do it yourself, just ask!

How can I reach you?!
You can reach me by email at, or by
starting a conversation with me at

refibered will be giving away a kids' apron. Check out her etsy shop, then leave a comment on her blog with your favorite shop item and you're entered to win! HOP ON OVER TO!

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