Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cross Stitch For Beginners

When you first start out with a new hobby the tendency is to run before you can walk and cross stitch is no exception. I remember my first attempt, when a cross stitch beginner, it was a large wall hanging of some mice with a grandfather clock and although it was a complete kit, I still hadn't got a clue what I was doing! There were around 30 different colors and millions of stitches to do but I wanted something impressive. Needless to say it didn't take me long to give up on that particular design!

The best thing a cross stitch beginner can do is learn the basics before they attempt to stitch anything and the following two sites teach everything that you will need to know to stitch your first masterpiece:

www.yarntree.com/007begin.htm This site provides a free chart and the instructions to stitch it along with a comprehensive list of the equipment any beginner will need. There are also lots of 'How To' sections such as how to choose fabric and how to begin stitching that build into a great tutorial, which may even benefit some of you intermediate stitchers out there.

www.caron-net.com/patguide.html Even if you are no longer a cross stitch beginner, you'll find this second site helpful. The site contains a wealth of cross stitch information. You can find tips about specific stitches, suggestions when it comes to fabric choices, and ideas on the best way to use various flosses. Moreover, every few weeks more information is added, so this is a site you'll want to visit on a regular basis.

So, my lovely converts to the art of cross stitch, now you know what you are doing you need something to do and that means finding some basic but pretty little patterns. There are thousands of patterns everywhere you look on the internet however many are not suitable for your first time out -- trust me! So where do you go for some great beginners patterns?

A great place to find cross stitch patterns is www.cross-stitch-academy.com/beginners/beginners.html This site has eight cute patterns that are made for beginners. For each pattern, you're given a chart that shows you how to stitch the design, a nice illustration that shows you what your completed project will look like, and instructions on the floss you'll need to stitch the pattern. To make things even easier, the instructions lead you through the steps, explaining carefully what color floss you use for each stitch.

What's nice about this site is that you can find all sorts of patterns, including a pretty border, some holiday patterns, and lovely flowers. Even children who are just learning to stitch will be able to follow these patterns. If you're no longer a beginning stitcher, you'll find patterns for you on the site as well. These patterns, like the ones for beginners, include easy-to-follow instructions.

Each cross stitch beginner should be encouraged and congratulated for taking the first step in the long journey to becoming a master stitcher. Be warned though -- once you start, you just can't seem to stop! By: Geordie Johnny

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