Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let's Get Crafty With Lynette!

Today's featured artisan is Lynette Fast...
I used to string beads from ice cube trays filled to the rim with beads and I punched holes in my Barbie doll’s ears so they could wear the jewelry I made for them. I used to fly kites and go sledding in fields filled with snakes and cow pies. My teachers used to tell me to be a teacher. I used to live in rural Iowa and walk beans, play sports, lifeguard, teach swimming lessons, babysit, wait tables, make art, and arrange flowers to keep myself busy. I used to get my inspiration to work as an artist from my art teacher and at NWMSU. And now in Lincoln, I used to teach elementary and middle school art, but now teach high school pottery, jewelry, sculpture, and digital art.

I still love beads, color, flowers, teaching, and creating. I cannot seem to finish a master’s degree because I don’t know which place to start. I am a life long learner. I love to attend events where I can be around artists all the time. My days are awesome because I get to ignite how to be an artist in others. I still like to play in water, grow flowers, work and look at the land, be served food, watch my kids play sports, and create.

The room where I do most my creating is really full of stuff. I can dig through supplies, finger through my sketchbook, daydream out my window, or just play around and come up with ideas. Mostly I like the torch right now. I’m having a blast introducing it to my students. You know, they are pretty inspiring too. I just never quite know where my ideas will come from. Stones, fossils, textures, colors; something different is usually what inspires me.

Ok, some feedback. Yes, that’s what I need. I’m trying to make this business into my retirement venue. Early retirement is coming in about ….8 years?....that’s my goal right now.

I’d like to give away three of my fun magnets to someone that leaves me a comment about an item in my Etsy shop. I’ll draw a name from all the people that leave a comment on my posts on March 21st.

To be eligible to win: Go to, look around, and then go to any of my online sources listed below and leave a comment. In your comment tell me what your favorite item was, give me a suggestion to help me with my shop or technique, or ask me a question. That's it! I'll draw one winner from all the comment entries at all my sites on Sunday, March 22nd and send you the gift.
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