Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wool Jar Cozy

So, I had some wool roving that I hand felted into little dreads because I was going to wear them as hair falls to this big dance. Well it turns out that the dj's weren't going to be spinning my type of music, so I didn't use them. Being a (happy) resident of the Midwest, I didn't forsee needing them any time in the near future, either. And even if I did, it's easy to make more. So now I had all of these wool noodles! Sometimes I use them for hair on stuffies I make, but this time I decided to needle felt them togther to make a jar cozy.

It was really easy to do, I just wrapped and poked the needle parallel to the jar as I went. It didn't take much felting at all to get it to hold well.

I think it will be nice to hold crochet hooks or pencils.

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