Friday, August 14, 2009

LNK Handmade- Party Style

Our new recruit, Anna, with Crafterella

Lisa and Crafterella's shrunken head 'Steve'. Seperated at birth?

Crafterella and her fancy tote bag that she spent FOREVER on. Was it worth it?

Christy and her glitter filled icon to all that is awesome.


BellasSweetBoutique said...

You guys looked like you had fun! Bummed I missed it! Love the video!

Christy said...

For second I thought, "Wow! Is my hair really that color?" and then I remembered you told me you gave me a virtual hair makeover.

Krishell said...

Oh My God! How do I get one of those bags??? Freakin' awesome!!!

oobbles said...

Krishell- talk to Crafterella, she made it for a challenge.