Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring is in the Air

It is really starting to feel like spring and that means it’s time to open up the windows to freshen up the house and do a little cleaning.

I knit and crochet to relax and all the knitting needles, crochet hooks, and other notions plus a mountain of yarn can really pile up. I knew there was a problem when I lost one of my knitting needles in the couch and while I was retrieving it I also found 2 crochet hooks, a tapestry needle and a stitch counter.

knitting bucket organizer

My solution was to create the ultimate knitting and crochet organizer that was also portable. Knitting needles and crochet hooks are stored on the outside, leaving room on the inside for yarn caddies, patterns, books, WIPs, and other notions. There are also pockets around the interior to help keep smaller items from getting lost.

I recycled and old sheet for this organizer, but there are so many different fabric options the design possibilities are endless. If you would like to make your own bucket organizer the pattern is available for free here.

yarn caddyMy bucket also holds two yarn caddies made from 2 liter bottles to keep dirt and cat hair off of my yarn. They’re easy to make, just remove the bottom of a 2 liter bottle, I used an exacto knife and then re-cut it with scissors to smooth the edge. Punch a hole about every inch around the bottom of the bottle leaving about 1/2” between the hole and the cut edge using a standard hole punch. I then crocheted into each hole three times, I just used the crochet hook that was recommended for my yarn (any scrap yarn you have will work). I single crocheted in the round until it measured about 4”. To finish it off I single crocheted one, chained one and skipped a stitch and repeated that all the way around. Then I just crochet a chain and laced it through the holes. (Excuse my pattern writing, the original tutorial is unavailable and I am not a pattern writer!) I love these things and they are so easy to make.

Now that your knitting and crochet supplies are organized it’s time to clean the rest of the house or do what I did, start a new knitting project!

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