Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Craft Night with the Lincoln Handmade Team


We had an excellent time last night at craft night.  There were seven of us in attendance and we ate and crafted the night away.


Korinne and Deb are shown here.  Korinne made some monster truffles that were pretty much amazing and here she is working on her uber popular instant cemeteries.  Deb worked on making silhouettes of her cute family. 



Lisa spent most of the night with the Big Kick and paper punches.  She had a really great idea of running through some old book pages and CD liner notes to make them into flowers and other shapes.  Here she is crocheting after she got kicked off the machine. 

I'm not pictured but I spent most of the evening chatting away and eating. 


Here we have Stacy, Kelly, and Ashley.  This was Stacy's first time at one of our meetings and we tried not to scare her off.  Please come back!  Kelly is a veteran.  She used the big kick to cut out some fabric.  In this picture, it is Ashley's turn at the Big Kick.  I have a feeling we're going to see flowers and scallops on a lot of lnkhandmade team items in the future!

At the end of the night, 18 boxes of fabric were delivered to my house!  We had a great time going through it and picking out things to take home.  I still have some left (let's face it, A LOT) so if you're in the neighborhood and would like some fabric, let me know! 

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