Friday, October 24, 2008

Etsy Love

I think promoting etsy in general is good for all of us. Often when I'm out and about, I get asked about a piece of jewelry I'm wearing and I'm always happy to explain that I got it on Etsy. Just yesterday we were at the library and I complimented someones necklace. She replied with, "Now if I could only find a pair of earrings to match!" I, of course, immediately suggested Etsy! I told her I've seen a ton of jewelry on there that would look great with her necklace and that Etsy was a collective of small handmade shops. She jotted the address down and I'm sure she checked it out!
Another way to spread the Etsy love is by shopping there! Just in the past few days I purchased a needle felting kit for my mom, a drop spindle and roving for myself, some lotion, a set of runes and some birthday presents! In my mind, what comes around, goes around! Plus, I know many of us have taken the handmade pledge!

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